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Pistol Lake NFT

The Pistol Lake NFT represents fractional ownership in the Pistol Lake mineral rights managed by Nature’s Vault. Each Pistol Lake NFT represents a specific percentage ownership in the Pistol Lake Mineral rights and is imbued with creative components unique to that NFT. In addition to unique creative elements, each NFT will also have its own geographical coordinates that correspond to the real world location of the Pistol Lake mine site.
There are 6 tiers of Pistol Lake NFTs, with each tier having benefits and utilities, unique to that tier.
  • Each specific tier will also have a specific allocation of NaturesGold tokens, and a mint price. Holders of the Pistol Lake NFT will receive their NaturesGold tokens on a regular vesting schedule over a 2 year period. NaturesGold tokens can then be sold on digital exchanges (CEX and DEX).
  • Higher tiers will have a higher mint cost but will also have higher allocations of NaturesGold Token, resulting in a lower cost per token and therefore an incentive to purchase higher tiers. (NaturesGold allocations will be unlocked and distributed at a regular interval over a 2 year period)
  • Rare and randomly generated attributes will result in certain NFTs receiving entitlements to unique rewards and utilities exclusive to that NFT.
The value of the Pistol Lake NFTs goes beyond its allocation of NaturesGold tokens and mineral rights. The Pistol Lake NFTs also represent a commitment to NEVER mine the Pistol Lake gold deposit. The buyer is enabling the preservation of the environment and eco-systems above and adjacent to the mining site, while also helping reduce global GHG emissions through avoiding mining. Each Pistol Lake NFT is entitled to an allocation of NaturesGold, represented by the NaturesGold token.