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At Nature’s Vault, we have developed a patent-pending methodology that starts with the acquisition of Mining Rights to legally stake a claim on in-ground, but nevertheless independently quantified gold deposits. We have developed a tokenization protocol that monetises the indefinite preservation of those gold deposits in the ground, avoiding the unnecessary environmental and social impact of gold mining. And in so doing, we are introducing an alternative asset class that spares the planet of the environmental impacts of real world gold mining.
By leveraging our expertise in the mining industry to acquire mining rights over gold deposits, we offer Pistol Lake NFT and NaturesGold Token purchasers a unique opportunity to make a direct impact through the fractionalization of mineral reserves and the preservation of unmined gold resulting in the avoidance of real world gold mining.
Step 1
Mining Rights with underlying gold deposits in areas of undisturbed natural beauty are identified and evaluated by Nature’s Vault Ltd.
A core strength of the Nature’s Vault Ltd executive management team is its expertise in the mining industry. We apply this expertise to identifying, evaluating and acquiring gold mining rights around the world. These Mining Rights provide legal control over mineral deposits, traditionally enabling the exploration, extraction and sale of the underlying minerals.
Step 2
Nature’s Vault Ltd acquires and establishes control over the selected Mining Rights.
After evaluation and due diligence by our mining experts, Nature’s Vault Ltd purchases and acquires legal title to Mining Rights to establish exclusive control over the underlying gold deposits.
Once acquired, the Mining Rights are held by a dedicated legal entity with a transparent governance framework. The objective of this governance framework is to:
  • Ensure the validity of the Mining Rights is maintained in good order;
  • Ensure the Mining Rights remain unencumbered; and
  • Ensure the Mining Rights are not sold or otherwise used to exploit the underlying gold deposits.
We will engage an independent auditing firm to verify the validity of Mining Rights held by Nature’s Vault, the adequacy and independence of governance over those Mining Rights, and the reconciliation between Mining Rights held, and Pistol Lake NFTs and NaturesGold Tokens. Reports from this independent audit firm will be made publicly available to NaturesGold Token holders and Pistol Lake NFT holders annually.
Step 3
Nature’s Vault creates NaturesGold Tokens and Pistol Lake NFTs.
Using blockchain and asset fractionalization, both the mineral rights held by Nature’s Vault and the preservation of quantified, in-ground gold associated with these mineral rights are tokenized.
Ownership of the patented mineral rights are fractionalized and tokenized as NFTs. While the preservation of in-ground gold is tokenized in the form of NaturesGold Tokens. Each NFT includes a set allocation of NaturesGold Tokens. Specifications for both the NaturesGold Tokens and the fractionalized NFTs are detailed in this litepaper.