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Mineral Assets on Chain

Bringing Mineral Assets on Chain
The Pistol Lake NFT and the NaturesGold token are real-world use-cases for a productive use of blockchain technology.
Tokenizing the preservation of mineral assets, and the fractional ownership of mineral deposits on the blockchain offers multiple benefits:

Increased liquidity:

Tokenization allows real world assets, like Mineral Rights to be fractionalized, enabling more investors to participate in ownership. This increases liquidity and reduces transaction costs.

Transparency and traceability:

Blockchain technology provides an immutable and transparent ledger of ownership and transactions. This can increase transparency and reduce fraud in the transfer of ownership of real world assets, in the case of Nature’s Vault, it allows us to put both our mineral rights ownership and our 43-101 on chain as indisputable proof that real world assets are being tokenized, and that double-counting or selling does not occur.


Tokenization opens up investment opportunities to a wider range of investors who may not have had access to traditional investment opportunities. In our case, Pistol Lake NFT holders can purchase mineral rights in a Canadian gold deposit, and investors interested in gold-linked investment exposure can purchase the NaturesGold token, at a low entry rate with the 24-7 liquidity available via decentralised and centralised exchanges.


Smart contracts can be used to automate certain aspects of ownership and asset management, such as token issuance, voting rights, and regulatory compliance. For example, in the case of the Pistol Lake NFT, this ensures that NFT holders receive their allocation of NaturesGold tokens at the regular, published vesting schedule.
The documents we will bring on chain include:
Pistol Lake Patented Mineral Rights
Contract Conferring Mineral Rights from Canadian Entity to Legal Entity issuing the Pistol Lake NFTs
NI 43-101 of the Pistol Lake mineral deposit - Geological report
In the interest of trust and transparency, we will work with a trusted 3rd Party for the real-world validation of these legal documents. After validation, these documents will be placed on-chain and integrated into the smart contracts for both the NaturesGold Token and the Pistol Lake NFT.