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Future - Launchpad

Nature's Vault Platform - ESG Launchpad
Our longer-term ambition is to create a Launchpad for ESG-related projects, particularly those that combat climate change. There is currently an underserved sector of start-ups that offer much-needed solutions to meet global carbon mitigation and reduction targets, but they are not receiving adequate funding.
The problem many of these pioneering solutions face today is the low risk appetite for niche ESG/Climate Tech start-ups within the funding sector. However, the democratisation of the investment sector through blockchain offers us an opportunity to bring visibility and funding to deserving projects. We aim to leverage blockchain technology and our experience in the ESG sector to develop a platform that addresses this issue.
The NaturesGold Token will play a central role within this platform as both a native token within the ecosystem and through a governance function. NaturesGold Token holders can vote on the listing and funding of deserving ESG projects. Additionally, NaturesGold token holders can qualify for whitelisting or private/presale placements in selected projects.