Utility & Pricing

NaturesGold Token will be listed on major centralised exchanges (CEX) as well as decentralised exchanges (DEX). NaturesGold Token will potentially launch at an 90% discount to the spot rate of gold, or roughly USD 0.08 per NaturesGold token.

The value of NaturesGold Token will be derived from:

  • Its link to gold preserved in the ground, NaturesGold.

  • Its use as a low carbon alternative to existing Gold investment products - Institutions, funds, gold investors, now have an eco-friendly gold linked investment option, that allows them to gain exposure to a gold-linked investment, without the associated environmental and climate impact of traditional gold investments.

  • Its ability to enable the preservation of the environment and eco-systems above and adjacent to the mining sites that preserve the in-ground gold linked to the token.

  • Its utility within the Nature’s Vault ecosystem.

  • Demand generated for the token through collaboration with projects and communities that bolster the use-cases for NaturesGold, including REFI, DEFI, GAMEFI, Metaverse..

  • It’s governance utility as described below.

  • Potential appreciation on the discount from parity spot gold prices

NaturesGold Tokens will have additional governance utility, whereby, NaturesGold Token holders can vote on issues such as:

  • Acquisition of New mines

  • Increase in NaturesGold Token Supply

  • Rate of Increase of NaturesGold Token Supply

  • Environmental and Sustainable Projects conducted on preserved mine sites

  • Key Partnerships

  • Support of Environmental and Social Initiatives

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